Web Design and Development
We strongly believe that today’s modern website is much more than just a “site on the web”.  People go online to search for new products and services and quite often it becomes the first place where they make purchases.

Right balance

Websites that were just for the business’s “digital signature” have become a thing of the past. Modern websites are inbound marketing platforms and tools that help run your business.

We believe in the right balance between marketing strategy/content and deep technical expertise. One cannot succeed without the other.


  • Our team has in-depth technical knowledge in all the major Content Management Systems (CMSs): WordPress/WooCommerce, Joomla, 1C-Bitrix, OpenCart, Drupal, MODX Revolution, PrestaShop, Magento.
  • We program in the following codes: PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, and Yii 2.
  • All our websites are SEO and SMM friendly.

Website design is both an art and a science

To us, website design is both an art and a science. When you work with us, you get:

  • The best website for your budget.
  • A fully customized website that uses commercial CMSs.
  • A website that is both mobile friendly and responsive.

Our flow

Our web design flow is very systematic and transparent. It consists of four phases:

  • The Design Phase

We work very closely with you to create custom artwork for a new website. We are carefully listening to the design requirements, including the desired colors, style, layout, and feature preferences. Based on this input we provide you with draft pages and design mockups. We help balance a great looking website and SEO friendliness. We go through multiple revisions until you are satisfied with your new site.

  • The Development Phase

The development phase is a conversion of the approved artwork into the web design code. Once the conversion is completed, we connect this code to the Content Management System.Even if we are working with open coded Content Management System, like WordPress, we always customize the design to differentiate it from competitors’ websites. During this stage, we work closely with you to test and monitor the site to ensure your satisfaction.

  • The Pre-Launch Phase

During the pre-launch phase, we “fill” the site with SEO friendly content, images, and video, if needed. Afterwards, we provide training on Content Management System usage and features. We check site responsiveness, e.g. how it looks like on mobile, iPhone, iPad, and site compatibility with different browsers (Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome). We also run our extended Search Engine Optimization checklist to ensure the site will be seen and ranked by Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines.

  • Launch

Once all the tests are complete and you are satisfied with the pre-launch site outlook, we load the website onto your hosting account or server. We provide you with all the design and website codes. We also have a subscription SEO/SMM service available and we are more than happy to continue providing assistance in these areas.

We are always accessible during construction and upon the completion of your website. We strongly believe that your growth is our growth and your success is our success.

We look forward to working with you!


Effective communication and a tailor-made approach to any customer is a half success. We are keen on setting mutual goals and achieving understanding even with the most sophisticated clients and their demands.


    Write us the address of your site and we will conduct for you a free quick analysis of it.


      Write us the address of your site and we will conduct for you a free quick analysis of it.