Social Media Marketing

According to the Global Web Index, the average consumer has 5.8 accounts on social networks and actively uses 2.8 accounts. This means that you need to offer your audience quality content on social networks to help potential customers make the right consumer decisions. We have designed an Social Media Marketing (SMM) strategy that will help you to effectively promote your business on social networks.

When we are planning information campaigns on social media for your business, we establish clear goals and tactics for how to achieve them. We know how to target a specific audience on social networks. Based on your business and the type of social media involved, we will masterfully tune the communication, style, and visual elements of your site to build stronger relationships between the business and customers. Our approach to SMM uses constant transparency and constant engagement with the audience.

To keep customers engaged, content is the foundation for effective business promotion on social networks, so we offer content creation and management solutions. We recommend using infographics, photos, videos, presentations, and e-books, and we engage customers to create content for your brand. We will help you to communicate more, grow your network of subscribers, and keep your social media presence active and interesting to customers. Our overall efforts are geared towards leveraging the influence of buying behavior.

After your content has been created, it’s essential to optimize it and make it usable, attractive, and readable. In addition, there are many techniques and widgets that can help you share your content and provide subscription capabilities for followers.

How do you convert customers from social media? We offer valuable content in exchange for contact information and call-to-action techniques that leverage all the groundwork we did on social media. Leading users from social networks to informational pages on branded websites increases the chance that they will make a decision to purchase.

Last but not least, we measure and track the Return on Investment (ROI) of SMM campaigns; we analyze quantitative and qualitative indicators to provide comprehensive reporting. Business indicators provide a clear picture of the digital landscape and ideas for how to improve overall integrated Internet marketing. At Orange Sky, you can order full-cycle promotion on social networks.


Effective communication and a tailor-made approach to any customer is a half success. We are keen on setting mutual goals and achieving understanding even with the most sophisticated clients and their demands.


Write us the address of your site and we will conduct for you a free quick analysis of it.


Write us the address of your site and we will conduct for you a free quick analysis of it.