Search engine marketing

Search engine marketing (SEM) is the promotion of a website by search engines for a fee; a contract is established between a company and a service provider (Google AdSense, Yahoo!, BING, etc.) that regulates the order of the ads displayed when there is a match between a search request and pre-specified keywords. The purpose of SEM is the generation of “leads”—that is, attracting target buyers who are potentially interested in offline or direct sales (through online stores). We recommend approaching online searches with a combination of SEO, SEM, and SMM to minimize effort and reduce the cost per generated lead.

Each time a search user transitions to the page of the advertiser, a certain amount is charged through a cost-per-click (CPC) system. The amount can be influenced by various factors, from the popularity of the keyword to the time of day.

The complexity of contextual advertising lies in the fact that its final goal is not a high click-through rate (CTR) but exact targeting, or matching the target audience. Even if you pay for 10,000 impressions per day and attract a huge number of random visitors to the site using common words, you are unlikely to achieve a high buying rate from random visitors, which means that you will be wasting your advertising budget.

In this regard, for an advertising campaign to be effective, it is necessary not only to select keywords with particular care, but also to correctly compose the text and the title of the ad.

To achieve the highest conversion rate, we follow our methodology optimizing the content of landing pages and guiding users to an interesting offer during the transition.

We are masters at implementing position ranking tools, site audit tools, and backlink analytics tools to understand the whole picture of online trends that will advance your business and your site position.


Effective communication and a tailor-made approach to any customer is a half success. We are keen on setting mutual goals and achieving understanding even with the most sophisticated clients and their demands.


Write us the address of your site and we will conduct for you a free quick analysis of it.


Write us the address of your site and we will conduct for you a free quick analysis of it.